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Do you need a genuine opportunity to make up to $1000 weekly? Well here it is! Our company is looking for people to join our program. You will be paid $10.00 for each booklet that we send to you to staple and we supply stapler plus printed materials to get you started.

Because of the great demand for our booklets, we find it impossible to handle all the work at our local office. We really donft want to increase our local staff at this time...So we think it would be better if we seek the help of homeworkers in each state. With our system, youfll receive advance payment for each booklet that you staple. That simply means that if we send you 20 booklets to staple youfll receive $200.00. If we send you 50 booklets to staple, youfll receive $500.00. The more booklets you have to staple each week the more money you will make.

Since youfll be working from home, we suggest that you select a table to be used when stapling the booklets. Your kitchen table will be perfect for this kind of work when youfre not using it for dining. Each booklet to be stapled consist of 5 pages. From our experience you could probably staple an average of 50 booklets in two hours. Stapling 50 booklets would equal $500 in income for you! Youfll just staple booklets as youfre required. If youfre required to staple 10 booklets, then you staple 10 booklets. If you are required to staple 50 booklets at another time, then you staple 50 booklets and so on.

These jobs are very important to our Company... and thatfs why we are giving you the opportunity to earn such a high rate of pay. Imagine finally finding a legitimate work at home job and earning up to $1000.00 each week. Wefre willing to pay when you become one of our Home Workers. The booklets that youfll be stapling are booklets containing valuable information that our customers desire. Working with our system, therefll be plenty of booklets to be stapled - and plenty of money to be made.

When you register as an affiliate home worker for our company, wefll enter your name in our data base and ship your start up supplies promptly.

Payment for all the booklets you will staple is sent to you before you are required to staple and ship them. If you receive payment for ten booklets, then youfll ship ten booklets. If you receive payment for twenty booklets, then youfll ship twenty booklets, and so on. At the rate of $10.00 per booklet, you can see why you could make up to $1000.00 on a regular basis... And best of all, PAYMENTS ARE GUARANTEED BY US BECAUSE THE PAYCHECKS COME DIRECTLY FROM US.

To join our program now and start earning money, please take action RIGHT NOW by completing the attached registration form and mailing it to us as quick as possible. This is a gNew Opportunityh to make money at home...but it is also a limited opportunity. That means that if or when we get enough people, wefll stop recruiting. We would love to get you started without any registration fee, but to make sure that you are a serious home worker, wefre going to require a $39.00 REFUNDABLE REGISTRATION FEE, which will be returned to you after you have mailed off your first fifty booklets.

*NO RISK MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!! Join our program now. If youfre not satisfied just return our instruction manual for a full refund of your registration fee. PLUS if you work our program for 180 days and are not satisfied wefll give you an additional $30.00, just for trying our program. We think this is a very fair offer, but more importantly, we know that you can make good money with our program.

Take a few minutes now and complete the attached registration, so that you can mail it back to us as quick as possible. As soon as we receive your registration, wefll begin processing your registration so that you can start earning money on a regular basis.



Send to: PublicFunding - 1540 Maximilian Dr- Chesterton, IN 46304

Statement of Guarantee and Disclosure: We have a 100% No Risk Money-Back Guarantee. Simply return your entire starter package along with your refund request in writing and we will honor this Guarantee. This is a genuine work from home offer to work directly with our company. This is not a multi-level marketing offer, pyramid scheme or any other type of "get rich quick" offer. We need workers to help our business grow. You will be working directly with our company and, like any other commission based job, you will be required to perform additional tasks, not all of which are outlined in this offer. These additional tasks are required in order to receive booklets to staple and may vary depending on individual production and marketing preferences. We guarantee a payment of $10 for each and every booklet that you will be required to staple and mail out. However, we do not guarantee how much total income that you will make during the course of your work. This will depend on individual effort and time invested. Individual results will vary. Please remember, we will never ask you to sell the booklets. Public Funding is responsible for the actual selling of the booklets and all proceeds from booklet sales are paid to us. Your paychecks will come directly from Public Funding. Public Funding reserves the right to change this Guarantee and Disclosure at its discretion and as the laws governing this type of offer change. Our intent is to fully comply with any and all State or Federal regulations so that this offer is not confused with other fraudulant offers that sound similar.

( )YES! I have read your letter and Ifm confident that I can do a good job following the easy step by step instructions and stapling booklets.

( )Enclosed is my $39.00 Refundable Fee in ()Cash () Check () Money Order ()Visa/Mastercard

( )I am enclosing an extra $5.00 (non refundable), for RUSH ORDER PROCESSING.

To Pay Online Simply Visit:



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TEL.( )____________EMAIL ADDRESS___________________________________


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( ) I donft own a stapler, so please send me one.

My goal is to earn :$_______________ weekly / monthly.


*** Check Status of your registration or feel free to ask questions prior to registration by writing to the address above

or emailing us at:

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