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Quotes From Dark Angel




- (Pilot) "The escape was not my idea. I mean....escape to what? We didn't know anything else. It was Zack who said we had to leave. So, I guess he saved my life. I didn't think we should separate. But he wouldn't listen. And I never even got a chance to thank him."

- (Pilot) "Kendra, this is a motorcycle. Its sole reason for being is to go fast, very fast. Not for you to use as a clothesline. Now, make no mistake. I love you as a friend and a roommate, but I love my motorcycle more. Stay away from the bike, okay?"

- (Pilot) "Just thought maybe he'd like some coffee with his saliva."

- (Pilot) "Girls kick ass. Says so on a T-shirt."

- (Pilot) "Hope is for losers. It's a con job people trip behind till they finally get a grip on the cold, hard truth."

- (Pilot) "You're so stupid, the word special comes to mind!"

- (Prodigy) "Your such a gentleman.Too bad I'm not a lady."

- (411 on the DL) "Nija...650...black, like my mood thanks to you."

- (411 on the DL)
Max: "Oh, please tell me you're not one of those people: Because a raindrop fell
in the ocean 10,000 years ago and a butterfly farted in India you and I are
sitting right here right now enjoying a cup of coffee that tastes like goat

Sam (Zack): "Anything's possible."
Max: "Unravel this mystery, grasshopper, what is the sound of one hand hitting
you upside your head, hmm? "

- (411 on the DL) "Unravel this mystery, grasshopper. ( Phone ringing ) what is the sound of one hand hitting you upside your head, hmm? (hits Sam on the head, walks to the phone)"

- (Blah Blah, Woof Woof) "Oh, I forgot. No fun for Logan Cale. Worlds coming to an end. Fight the
power. Protect the downtrodden. Blah, blah, woof, woof

- (Blah Blah, Woof Woof)
Zack: "You need to get your head in the game soldier."
Max: "Think I'm not in the game Think again."

- (Art Attack)
Jonus: "I'm sorry I sounded like I was talking through my hat."
Max: "Not unless you wear your hat...on your ass."

(Female Trouble) "Donald Lydecker where ever you are you can kiss my
genetically engineered ass."

Logan Cale:

- (Pilot) "If I just had my ass handed to me by size 3, I'd be inclined to mind
my own business!"

- (C.R.E.A.M.) "It's a kick or be kicked in the ass world out there."

- (Blah Blah, Woof Woof) "Isn't it against the superhuman code to use your powers to take
advantage of we mere mortals?



- (411 on the DL) "They are soldiers... And so are you. The only person you can rely on, Max, is yourself. Everything else is just a lie. It's phony sentimentality. And it will get you killed."

- (The Kidz Are Aiight) "Its different with you! How could I forget a single thing about you? How could I?"


- (Flushed)
Max: "I'm not signing up to join the Logan Cale brigade for the defense of widows, small children, and lost animals. "
Logan: "You could be field commander."
Max: "I think not."

- (Flushed)
Logan: "You know, you were much sweeter when you weren't feeling well."
Max: "The bitch is back."

- (Out)
Max: "Don't hold up the world on my account."
Logan: "The world would still be broken tomorrow."


- (Pilot)
Herbal: "Its all good all the time."

- (Female Trouble)
Jace: "Because I am dumb. I am so damn dumb that it would take ten acts of divine providence to raise
me to the level of blissful ignorance. SIR!"




- (Designate This) "Kiss my transgenic ass."

- (Designate This)
Max: "I think I'll call you Alec, as in Smart Alec."
Alec: "I can live with that."
Max: "Good, cuz my second choice was Dick."

- (Bag 'em) "I'd kick your assbut we dont have time for that right now."

- (Bag 'em)
Max: "So you must be the new bad guy in my life."
White: "Well 452 your alot pretter than your picture."
Max: "Miss the old bad guys already."

- (Bag 'em)
White: "So what exactly is it that your genes have been coded to do?"
Max: "Kick ass, mostly."

- (Fuhgeddaboudit) "You know, if I wanted to be reprimanded I could always go to work."

Logan Cale:

- (Designate This)
Logan: "You shot me!"
Lydecker: "I told you to duck!"

- (Fuhgeddaboudit) (To Alec) "It must be nice to be a happy go lucky sociopath. I kind of envy you."


- (Borrowed Time)
Logan: "How much time?"
Max: "Two minutes."
Logan: "I keep thinking about the night we took down Manticore...when I thought I'd lost you. I came home and sat on my sofa and I didn't get up again for days. The sun came up...the sun went down...I just sat there. It was like I couldn't move. It hurt too much to move. That's how I feel right now."
Max: "I knew this would happen. We shouldn't have taken the chance."
Logan: "We had to. You know we did. We can't keep going through this, though."
Max: "I know."
Logan: "That year we wasted, dancing around each other, afraid of actually admitting how we felt...If I had that time back, I would do that so differently."
(Max's pager beeps.)
Logan: "Well, I guess that's it."
(He kisses her.)
Logan: "I love you, Max."
(He walks away.)
Max: "I love you, too."

- (Harbor Lights)
Max: "Nice haircut."
Logan: "Nice gunshot wound."


- (Proof of Purchase)
Alec: "I owe you, Max. I know I screwed things--"
Max: "Shut up! And listen, 'cause I'm only saying this once. That guy was the last chance for me and Logan. He's gone, and it's your fault. Don't think I'm ever getting over that."
Alec: "I know."
Max: "Just...do me a favor, all right? Go away. I can't even look at you right now."
(She turns away. Joshua growls at Alec, who takes the hint and heads for the door. He picks up his jacket and pauses.)
Alec: "I'm sorry, Max...for everything."
(He leaves. Joshua stands behind Max.)

- (Borrowed Time)
Alec: "Hey, wanna know what I'm doing with my share of the money?"
Max: "No."
Alec (miffed): "Fine. Rude, but fine. What are you gonna do with yours?"
Max: "Donate it to charity."
Alec: "Yeah, right. I'm thinking, what? New motorcycle? New apartment? New boyfriend?"
(Max glances at him.)
Alec: "New DNA markers for current boyfriend."
Max: "He's not my boyfriend."
Alec: "Argh! I can't believe this. I've been stuck in this closet for over an hour to facilitate you having sex! That's what I've been reduced to. I'm a pimp."
Max: "It's not even like that."
Alec: "Yeah, yeah. Tell me--tell me that he's worth all this trouble, Max. I mean, tell me how he...how he rocks your world. Something."
(Max says nothing.)
Alec: "Maxie. Hey. You and Logan have done it, right? I mean, before the whole virus thing, you knew each other for like, what, a year? Max?"
(Max still says nothing.)
Alec: "Oh, could you two be more lame?"
Max: "Not that this is any of your business, but...with me and Logan, it was just never the right time."
Alec: "Oh yeah, yeah, sure. I can see how the right time might elude you...for a year."
Max: "Guards are gone. Let's get the film and get the hell out of here."
Alec: "Great idea."

- (Fuggeddaboutit)
Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, hailing from parts unknown, let's hear it for the
Curvaceous Killer! All right, here are the rules. Well, there ain't no rules. Hitting below the belt's allowed...eye gouging's allowed."
Alec (while the announcer talks): "Max, you don't want to fight me."
Max: "Are you kidding? I've been waiting for this chance for months."
Alec: "Yeah, well, see, you're just a girl, and so--"
(Max punches him.)
Normal: "Hey! She jumped the bell! What are you doing? She jumped the bell!"
(The announcer quickly leaves the ring.)
Announcer (to the ring girl): "Ring the bell! Will you ring the bell?" (She rings it)
Alec: "Should've known you'd cheat."
(Max kicks Alec in the leg.)
Max: "That's for the virus."
Alec: "That was not my fault!"
(She punches him.)
Max: "That's for trying to kill Joshua."
Alec: "I was just trying to protect my own... "
(She punches him twice.)
Max: "And that's for getting paint all over my research papers."
Alec: "Okay, yeah, that was my bad."
(Max punches Alec again.)
Max: "That's for making Joshua deliver your packages."
Alec: "Max, cut it out!"
(She kicks and punches him.)
Max: "That's for losing my baseball."
(The gangsters look at each other.)
Max: "And this...(Kicks Alec in the stomach)...is for whatever stupid thing you do next."
Normal: "Kick her ass!"
Alec: "Okay. That's it."
(Max goes to kick Alec again, but he grabs her leg, punches her, and shoves her to the ground.
Before she can get up, he kicks her. She lands near the edge of the ring.)
(Max stands. Alec smiles.)
Alec: "My turn now, bitch."
Max: "What'd you just call me?"
Alec: (chuckling): "You heard me. B-I-T-C..."
Max: "Oh, look at that. Ring girl just lost her top."
Alec: (sarcastic): "Yeah."
(Despite his disbelief, Alec can't help glancing at the ring girl. She smiles at him, top intact. Max takes the
opportunity to kick him in the groin.)

- (Hello, Goodbye)
Alec: "Max, I'm sorry, I was on my way to the hos--"
Max: "Shut up. I came down here to bail your sorry ass out, 'cause I figured you got grabbed up off of
one of your scams going sideways. But the officer just told me you killed somebody!"

Alec: "I didn't do it."
Max: "You got I.D.'d. There's a perfect DNA match."
Alec: "I'm telling you--"
Max: "Don't tell me anything, all right? I'm sorry I let you out of Manticore. I'm sorry I inflicted you on the
world. Screw exposure. I'm leaving you here for White to deal with."

(Max gathers up her briefcase and starts to leave.)
Alec: "Max, I swear, I'm innocent."
Max: "Tell that to Ames. And, uh, give him my regards."
Alec: "You really think I could do it? You think I could murder someone in cold blood?"
Max: "Yes, Alec, I think you could."
Alec: "Guy's teeth were pulled from his head, for God's sake!"
(Max stops in her tracks.)
Max: "Ben..."
(Max remembers seeing a toothless body in the morgue, a napkin full of bloody teeth, and Ben in the
Max: (in flashback): "Ben, why are you doing this?"
Ben: (in flashback): "You know why."
(In the present day)
Alec: "Come on, Max! You know, no matter what you think, there's no way it could've been me. That
guy was killed over a year ago. I was at Manticore."

(The cop walks into the room.)
Cop: "Time's up."
(Max knocks the cop out and takes his keys. She uncuffs Alec and they sneak down the hall.)
Alec: "Hey, Max, I'm not complaining, but what made you think I didn't do it?"
Max: "Shh."
Alec: "I mean, I'm just curious, you know? Was it the sincerity in my eyes? Some people say I have
sincere eyes."

Max: "Quiet. (Points at a door) Here."
(They go into a room and Max looks out the window. In the alley below, some cops are talking near
their cars, and a short distance away sits Max's motorcycle.)
Alec: "It was the teeth thing, wasn't it? I mean, come on, I can hardly stand going to the dentist."
Max: "Shut up, okay?"
Alec: "Why are you taking this so personally?"
(Max and Alec climb out the window onto a narrow ledge. They begin to shuffle over to a drainpipe,
checking to make sure the cops.)
Max: "Because it was Ben."
Alec: "Ben? My Manticore twin, Ben?"
Max: "He killed Timothy Ryan and ten other people. Same M.O."
Alec: "Whoa. They told me back at Manticore that he'd gone nuts, but...(whistles)...serial killer?"
Max: "One more word and I shove you off this ledge."
(They reach the drainpipe. Max climbs down it a little ways.)
Alec: "Max, tell me you got a plan."
Max: "Hang on."
Alec: "What are you doing? No, no, no, no!"
(Max presses her foot against the wall so the drainpipe pulls away from the building and falls over,
with Max and Alec on it. The cops look up.)
Cops: "Hey, what's going on?"
(Below Max and Alec, the drainpipe comes to rest on top of an electric fence. Sparks fly.
The cops duck. Max sees a cop car directly below.)
Alec: "This is your plan?"
Max: "Jump!"
(They let go of the drainpipe and drop onto the roof of the car. The cops start shooting.)

- (Hello, Goodbye)
Alec: "So the thing that's got me worried is I can't exactly use 'Well, I was locked up in a secret
government facility' as my alibi."

Max: "Guess not."
Alec: "Hey, maybe Logan could pull one of his little, uh... (Remembers) Oh my God--Logan. Is he all

Max: "He's fine. Joshua came through."
Alec: "Oh, good. Logan could use a little canine plasma to loosen him up." (Chuckles)
(Max gives him a look and starts making coffee.)
Alec: "Just kidding, Max. Come on, you know I love Logan. I mean, not the way you love him, it's
just...well, he's okay. Right?"

(Max nods uncomfortably.)
Alec: "So what's the problem?"
Max: "I'm not going to see him anymore."
Alec: "Any more this week?" 
Max: "Ever. I can't risk it. And I don't want to hear an "I told you so."
Alec: "No, I wasn't going to."
Max: "Coffee?"
Alec: "Yeah, sure. (Pauses) Listen, since we're already knee-deep in painful subjects...tell me about
him. About Ben."

(As she speaks, Max remembers young Ben at Manticore. In the flashback, Ben is making butterfly
shadows on the wall, and Max is watching and smiling.)
Max: "When we were kids, back at Manticore, he always wanted answers for everything. You
know? Why we were there, what was outside. So he would make up these fantastic stories to
explain things. Somehow it made us feel...loved. Like we weren't all alone."

Alec: "Sounds like a nice kid. What went wrong?"
Max: "After we escaped, it was like there were too many things in this world he didn't have answers

(Max remembers young Ben leading the hunt through the woods.)
Ben (in flashback, in the Space Needle): "We never should've left. Everything made sense there."
Max: "I don't know. He just...lost it."
(Max turns to get a couple of coffee mugs, then stares into space.)
Alec: "Hey, you okay?"
(She remembers sobbing over Ben's body in the woods.)
Max: "I'm fine."
(She sits down. Alec sees she is clearly not fine and rounds the island counter to stand next to her.)
Alec: "Max, what is it?"
Max: "We were in the woods. He was hurt. Manticore was closing in on us. He didn't want to go back

Alec: "Reindoctrination. Or worse."
Max: "I killed him."
(Alec looks surprised.)
Max: "He asked me to, so I did. (Her voice breaks and her eyes tear up) And then I ran. I saved myself.
And I just left his body there for them to take away."

(Tears run down Max's cheeks. Alec puts an arm around her shoulders and kisses the top of her


- (Designate This)
Male X-5: "What’s the matter, 452? Still recuperating?"
Max: "Bite me!"
Male X-5: "Must’ve given you a lousy heart."

- (Exposure)
Alec: "Here you go, boss. One hot run delivered to Fifth and Maple, in a timely
and courteous fashion, by yours truly."

Normal: "That's my rock star."
Max: "Are you kidding me? One package? That's it? All day?"
Alec: "Quality, not quantity, Max."
Original Cindy: "That's what all men tell themselves. Helps them sleep better at

- (Love Among Runes)
(Max rides her bike up to Alec and Biggs, she stops.)
Max: "Ready?"
Alec: "Always."
Biggs: "Funny thats what Lola always said."
(Alec and Biggs laugh.)




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