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Michelle Rodriguez Underground - Dedicated to the talented rising star of Girlfight, The Fast and the Furious, Resident Evil, etc. Contains tons of pics, a bio, filmography, links, and much more! Updated regularly!

The Source - My newest site! Dedicated to all things spoilery...featuring Alias, Angel, BTVS, Gilmore Girls, The Practice, and more! Updated regularly!

Official Dark Angel Sites:

The Official FOX Dark Angel Site - It rox ya know! Exclusive videos, animations, bios, detail ep info, and more!

Dark Angel Fan Sites:

[Dark Angel] - Has pics, bios, links and more! Nice layout.

Dark Angel on Fox - Spread the Word - Great for getting the show out there!

Dark Angel NightFiles - Great site with fanfic, pics, ep guide and much more!

Dark Angel's Den
- Has news, pics, links, and more! Cool graphics on Dark Angel page.

Dark Angel Links - Has Dark Angel Links and articles.

E.O. Network - Details and science behind Manicore and Dark Angel, completed with Logan's Notes and Dark Angel Favorite Moments wallpapers!

Whatz the dealio? - Site contains some video clips, Dark Angel info, and news!

Dark Angel Vault - Site contains spoilers, links, fanfic, news, bios, also kind of Max/Lohan shippy w/pics of their "Greatest Moments".

Shadows - A Dark Angel Clique - Online clique for Dark Angel fans, you can join even if you don't have a web site!

Dark Angel's Realm - New DA fansite!

Official Freak Nation Fanlisting - Fanlisting for the Season 2 finale, Freak Nation!

Dark Angel Sites (Outside U.S.A.)

Dark Angel Zone - UK DA site w/video, audio, pics, news, and more!


Jessica Alba Fansites:

Alba Area - Site has pics, bio, and more!

Jessica Alba Fansite
- One of the best Jessica fansites! Has tons of info, pics, multimedia, and more!

Shipper Sites:

When... A Max and Logan fansite - Site down, unsure for how long.


Specific Character/Actor Sites:

Dark Cherubs - Dedicated to the young X-5's such as Chris Lazaar and Geneva Locke who play the child Zack and Max!

Martin Cummins - Dedicated to the actor who plays the baddie, Mr. White in Season two.

The Original Valarie Rae Miller - Cool fansite dedicated to Valarie Rae Miller who plays Original Cindy!

Dark Angel's Zack - From the same creator of The Original Valarie Rae Miller comes another cool William Gregory Lee (Zack) site!

Jensen Ackles Shrine - Great site! If you wanna drool over DA's hottest dude, go here! There's older Jensen sites on the net out there, but they all focus on JA from his Days of Our Lives days. This one's refreshingly new, with lots of pics, videos, and info!

Ashley Scott Haven - Has bios, galleries, links and much more!

Joshua Alba - The first fansite dedicated to Jessica's up-and-coming actor brother containing images, info, etc.!

Fanfiction Sites/Archives

Other Worlds Fanfiction - Site contains fanfic for Dark Angel, as well as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and others.

Message Boards:

The Bar Code - Brought to you by yours truly! Located at the popular Illout Boards!

Dark Angel-The Ultimate BBoard - Board with many sections such as Characters, Spoilers, Fanfic, Reviews, etc.


Misc. Sites....non DA-related:

The Other Side - This is a site deicated to getting Tara back on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


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