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1.    02/08/10    very inspirational cartoons
2.    01/13/09    really appreciated being ble to get a suitable cartoon for our church newsletter
3.    11/13/07    N/A
4.    10/07/07    Nice site
5.    06/21/07    great job!!!
6.    01/26/06    It certainly is refreshing and lifting to read such meaningful quotes
7.    09/16/05    Your site is really cool. The jokes are really funny aned clean. Keep up the good work. (horsesandgod from CBH)
8.    08/25/05    nice site guys just keep donating
9.    01/12/05    God bless you for your stand of rightousness may Jesus always be with you
10.    12/02/04    lol last month cartoon was so awesome that i was forced to come here again
11.    11/18/04    Keep the gud work,My making others smile u make them think about GOD

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