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Article I—Name, Purpose

  1. Name
    1.  The club name shall be Augusta County Bass Jon’s
  2. Purpose
    1.  To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideals, and to promote and encourage youth and family fishing, and love for this recreation. To support our state conservation department efforts and to report problems and concerns to the proper authorities. ( Share the Knowledge)

Article II—Membership

  1.  Number of members
    1.  The club shall maintain at least 6 members.
  2. Requirements for membership.
    1.  Voluntarily express a genuine interest in the membership.
    2.  Be 18 years of age, if under 18 must have parental consent.
    3.  Be voted on by membership. (Proxies are allowed)
    4.  All NEW MEMBERS must first attend 1 club meeting or tournament.
    5. Club dues are too be paid in full before the Fishing Expo in March.
    6. Maintain a good attitude towards other members and respect their views and interests.
    7. Membership is open all Tournament season for New Membership.
    8. Any member of the club that shows unspotsmanlike conduct can be voted out or asked not to return the following year, only by club officers. If you are dismissed from the club you will not be able to return to the club, unless a personal apology is given to the club members, and at that point the membership will vote to decide to allow you back into the club.
    9. All boats are welcome; Outboards can be used on the water when allowed. Just respect the other boats that don’t have an outboard.
    10. If you are the boat operator a copy of your boating license must be attached to your membership application.
  3. Membership Dues
    1. The membership dues shall be $30 annually, payable at the yearly membership meeting. Paid dues are not refundable at anytime. Dues will assist in the purchase of trophies, awards and etc.
  4. Meeting of Members
    1. There will be a membership meeting held every year in February.
    2. Club meetings will held right after each tournament if the officers or if a member has any concerns.
    3. There will be an organization meeting held every year in November, this is to vote in new Club Officers and determine the upcoming tournament schedule and or change to the by-laws. Any suggestions for change must be given in writing to the President of the club.

Article III—Tournament and Events

  1. Tournaments
    1. Tournament dates will be decided and approved at Nov Club Meeting.
    2. Tournament locations and dates will be placed on club web site, and a paper copy will be handed out at the membership meeting in February.
    3. Tournament cancellation will be determined by the club President or Tournament Director.
  2. Tournament Rules
    1. Pre-fishing is not allowed from Saturday to Saturday on week before a tournament start. If you caught fishing the lake or river that is scheduled for that Saturday you will be terminated as a member of Augusta County Bass Jon’s.
    2. Launch sequence, meeting site and meeting times will be exact times as directed by the club’s Tournament Director.
    3. Tournament times are as follows, Tournaments will start at 7 am and will end at 3 pm. Summer time will be June thru August, and times for these tournaments will be start at 6 am and will end at 2 pm. Weight in will start 15 minutes after end time.
    4. The tournament start times will not wait for late arrivals. If you are going to be late please try to call. Once you have arrived, you must find a club officer and have them to check your live-well before you start to fish. You must also pay your entry fee to the tournament director before the weigh-in begins.
    5. Fishing is not allowed until the tournament director says so. Please keep all poles and line in the boat until director has started the tournament. If you are caught fishing before the director has started the tournament you will be disqualified.
    6. Your five best bass must be caught before the tournament completion time. NO more than 5 bass in possession by a team after 3:00 pm. If you are caught with more than 5 bass in your live well after 3:00 pm you will only weigh the 4 smallest fish in your possession.
    7. All anglers have to have their life jackets on anytime their boat is on plain.
    8. NO DEAD FISH ALLOWED, If you have a dead fish it will not count towards your weight.
    9. We have to obey the state slot limit. When you measure a bass it has to be closed mouth and pinched tail and belly towards the tournament director. Any fish brought to the weigh-in that are in the slot will result of disqualification of that fish only.
    10. Lunker results will also be maintained throughout the tournament season to determine “Biggest Bass of the season award”.
    11. There will be 4 oz. per minute late penalty (up to 10 minutes). More than 10 minutes late will result in automatic disqualification.
    12. If two teams have the same weight during a tournament the tiebreaker will be the heaviest fish.
    13. There is an entry fee for tournaments of $10.00 a boat. The $10.00 fee will be collected by the tournament director at each tournament.
    14. No live bait is to be used in the club events, only artificial bait and pork baits are allowed.
    15. Landing nets are permitted for the safety of the fish.
    16. No alcohol or drugs are allowed during club events and functions.
    17. The first boat on location has the right-away.
    18. If you and your partner start to fish the tournament season, you need to stay together due to the points system. You are allowed to have one substitute for one tournament through the year. If you have to get a new partner, your points will restart at 0 at the time your new partner starts. Any family member is allowed to fish as a partner at anytime. (Example-Father may use son/daughter for one tournament and a son/daughter for another tournament.) But they must be a member of the club, with membership dues paid for  the year before the Fishing Expo in March.
    19. If serious incident occurs that is going to affect your team, you must notify the club president immediately. He then will contact all club officers for them to make a decision as to what needs to happen and see if you will be allowed a change to your team without loosing points.
    20.  Only one rod and reel are to be used at one time to fish, you may have as many as you want ready to fish. Trolling is not allowed.
    21.  There is a maximum of only two club members in a boat during any/all tournaments. All members need to stay in the boat unless of an emergency or unless you have to use the restroom.
    22.  Only club members in good standings are permitted to participate in any tournament.
    23.  Guests are permitted to participate when they show interest in joining the club. By first attending a tournament, they will be allowed to fish only one time. Guest pay no entry fee, have no opportunity to win pot or placement points, or come to the classic. And all guest must sign the tournament waiver form before fishing.
    24.  The club will use the following points system for awarding points at each tournament. Each boat that arrives to the launch site, pays fees, launches their boat and is present to begin tournament qualifies for points.

1st Place—150

2nd Place—145

3rd Place—140

4th Place—135

5th Place—130

6th Place—125

7th Place—120

8th Place—115

9th Place—110

10th Place—105

And so on down the line.

If you do not catch no fish at the tournament you will get last place points for that tournament.

Each team will also receive 1 point for every fish weighed in up to 5 points.

  1. Tournament scales will be the club’s digital scales. If this scale is inoperable, a substitute digital scale owned by club will be used. Same scales will be used for the entire weigh in process. So keep your fish alive until weigh in is done. Each team member will agree to the weight the tournament director announces for there fish.
  2. Club Classic
    1. The Club Classic will be held at the end of the year. 75% of the $10.00 fee per boat that was collected at each tournament will be the pay out for the club classic. It will be placed in the pot for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The pot will be based on how many teams we have for year.
    2. Each team has to fish 6 out of the 8 tournaments to qualify to go to the classic.
  3. Events
    1. Each member is responsible for helping with club events.The fishing expo is a mandatory event for each team (at least one team member must work at the event), there will be 100 points awarded for working this event. There are 3 other events throughout the year, a team member must work 2 out of 3 of these events to receive a addtional 100 points.

Article IV—Officers

  1. Election and Eligibility
    1. There will be no election for officers unless a officer steps down or if someone in the club has a issue with one of the officers. And then at that time a special election will be had to fill the postion.
    2. Any member in good standings may run for any office he/she wishes.
  2. Vacancies
    1. All vacancies will be filled by a election within 10 days by a election of the members.
  3. Officers to be elected.
    1. President—Douglas W Fitzgerald—For Life of the Club
    2. Vice President
    3. Tournament Directors x2
    4. Club Treasure
  4. Officers to appointed by the club President.
    1. Club Photographer
    2. Web Master
  5. Officer Duties
    1. President
      1. Provide the members with leadership and oversees the club meetings
      2. Appoints and oversees committee chairman and club representatives.
      3. Votes on club matters at the discretion of the club members.
      4. Maintains the order of the by-laws and interprets their meaning for the best interest of the club.
      5. Directs the organization of the tournament schedule in assistance with the club tournament director.
      6. Responsible for accounting and disbursements of club funds.
    2. Vice-President
      1. Takes over when the President is unavailable.
      2. Takes roll call at the club meetings
      3. Assists in setting club meeting agenda with the club President.
      4. Assisted tournament director’s responsibilities in his absence.
      5. Assist in all club functions.
    3. Tournament Director
      1. Assists in the organization of the year’s tournaments dates and locations.
      2. Qualifies, measures and weighs all fish with club approved scale and calls weight to the recorder.
      3. Acts as safety director, and approves all boats for tournament acceptance.
      4. Checks live-wells prior to the start of each tournament.
      5. Collects tournament fees.
    4. Club Treasurer
      1. Oversee the Augusta County Bass Jon’s accounts, collect all membership fees, updates the treasure report on the web site.
      2. Votes on all club business.
      3. Assists in setting up club meeting agendas with the club president.
      4. Act as club conservation director.
      5. Responsible for accounting and disbursement of club funds in the event the president is unavailable. Also responsible for the checking the club treasury.
    5. Club Photographer
      1. Responsible for taking photos at club tournaments and event functions.
      2. Provide digital copies to AC Bass Jon’s webmaster.

Article V—Code of Conduct

  1. Club Member is expected to represent the club in an ethical and positive manner at all times. Examples of unacceptable conduct include unsafe boat operation, lack of boating/fishing courtesy and sportsmanship, failure to attend meetings, tournaments, events, and failure to abide by state fishing and boating regulations.

Article VI—Changes and Updates

  1. The By-Laws may be changed during the month of November. No changes after the Nov meeting unless it is in the best interest of the club. Additions to the by-laws because of the importance may be addressed at any club meeting during year. Any changes/addition must be presented in writing before the club meeting in October. All items require a 2/3rd vote of all club members present. (Proxies are allowed)



By-Laws revised and up dated on November 8, 2013


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