Saturday, September 17, 1994


READ: Matthew 5:27-30




"You shall not commit adultery."


1 Corinthians 6:18


The Bible is up-to-date on sexual matters. Long ago, God warned against

adultery and fornication. In effect, He said, "Say no!" Now, in the 20th

century with the awful threat of AIDS, many lawmakers, educators, and

doctors are agreeing with the Almighty.


The Grand Rapids Press carried an article titled "Abstinence: The New

Emphasis in Sex Education." It told of 16-year-old Will Heiss, a "peer

educator" who challenges younger kids to say no to sexual activity - and

they are listening.


Author and campus lecturer Josh McDowell reminded a college audience

that the seventh commandment is a gracious provision by God, given for

our protection. Josh told of a man who had several sexual relationships.

The man later received Christ and met a wonderful woman whom he

married. "She's precious," confided the man, "but in the intimacy of

marriage I'm haunted by 'ghosts' of those previous affairs."


Abstinence until marriage is a sure safeguard. It protects the gift of

sexual intimacy that is to be enjoyed within a lifelong relationship of

commitment and trust. God hates sexual immorality because He has the

highest good of men and women at heart.


- Dennis J. DeHaan


Lord, grant me strength from day to day - How prone I am to go astray!

The passions of my flesh are strong;

Be Thou my God, a shield from wrong.






God's commandments were not given to frustrate us but to fulfill us.