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   Mr. Dixie M. Hollins
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Our school was named after Mr. Hollins. Mr. Dixie Maurice Hollins was the first Superintendent of Pinellas County schools, appointed to that position in 1912.
Before he died in 1962, Mr. Hollins was honored by having the newest and biggest school at that time named after him: (Dixie Hollins High School).
Mr. Hollins died October 6, 1962 at Mound Park Hospital.
Over 450 people attended Mr. Hollins funeral.

Mr. H. Bentley Lawson

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       This man was the very spirit on which Dixie Hollins is built. He
   was appointed principal during the spring of 1959 and supervised the
   construction of the original buildings. When Dixie opened in the fall,
   it was easy to see the love and pride he held for Dixie Hollins by the
   care he took to make it great. The fame and recognition which Dixie
   Hollins has received is largely to his ability to elicit the best from
   every student and teacher.

The faculty and studients of Dixie Hollins High School were grieved
   at the passing of our beloved principal, Mr. H Bentley Lawson on Monday,
   January 21, 1964.



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