Ideal Dolls

Ideal dolls are my favorites to collect. They have the sweetest faces of all!
Ideal Toy Company is no longer in business after having been bought by Mattel.
Below are pictures and descriptions of my Ideal dolls. 


This Bamm Bamm is 16" tall and was made by the Ideal Toy Co. in 1964. He is marked on his neck and back Hanna Barbera and Ideal. His all vinyl body is jointed at the neck, arms and legs. He has platinum hair. He is wearing his original print loincloth and cap and is carrying his club. He also has his original wrist tag.

This sweet little girl is called Pebbles and she was made in 1965. She is 16" tall and is made of vinyl. She is wearing her original oufit. She has a plastic bone in her hair. Wrist tag is a copy of an original tag.


Ideal Crissy was made in 1969. She's 18" tall. She has long deep rusty auburn hair that can grow even longer by pushing a button on her tummy. Her hair can be made short by turning the knob on her back. She has a wonderful smiling face, shown here in her original lacey orange party dress with ribbon tie and orange shoes.

Velvet is Crissy's cousin in the grow hair family. She was made in 1969. She stands 15" tall. She has beautiful lavendar eyes and platnium blonde hair. She is wearing her original purple velveteen dress, matching ribbon in her hair, and purple shoes. Her coloring on her face is very nice. 

Made in 1971, this is one of Velvet's friends, Mia. Mia is 15" tall. She has blue eyes and beautiful brunette hair that grows. She wears her original one-piece blue playsuit with matching blue shoes.

In 1959, Ideal Toy Corporation began issuing a wonderful and beautiful series of dolls that were the size of actual children. In doing so, they ushered in the era of true "companion" dolls...realistic looking dolls that were the same size as the kids who were playing with them. Patti Playpal is 35" tall (the size of an actual 3 year old- Patti can wear 3T outfits!). I have two Pattis, notice the variation in hair coloring. Also note that the Patti on the right has the pull-back variation for her hair.The one on the left has green eyes, and the one on the right has blue eyes. Both are marked Ideal 1959 on their necks. Both are wearing original outfits and shoes.

Ideal introduced Giggles in 1967. She is 18" tall and is all vinyl with rooted hair. She has a very expressive and comical face. The unique feature of this doll is that when you press her arms together she giggles and turns her head to the side. Her flirty eyes dart back and forth. As you do this there is something inside of her that vibrates giving the illusion that she is giggling so hard her body shakes. She is wearing her original outfit. Giggles also has her original accessories, like a clown nose and facial masks.

Ideal's 1961 Miss Ideal "The Photographer's Model", 25 inch, is all vinyl with jointed arms, legs, ankles and twist (swivel) waist. She has long rooted blond nylon hair, still in its original set, and eyes that open and close. She is wearing her original outfit which includes black sandals with ankle strap. Booklet on "Hair Styling Hints for Miss Ideal" is intact. Her playwave kit in hatbox includes curlers and comb. She also has instructions on posing her.

Ideal's Betty Big Girl, made in 1969 is wearing her original outfit and shoes. Notice how much her facial features resemble Velvet? Betty is 32" tall.

Ideal Saucy Walker is 32" tall. She was made in 1960. Saucy is part of the Play Pal family. She wears 2T clothing. Her dress and shoes are original.

Ideal Goody Two Shoes was made in 1965. She is 19" tall. Goody is a walking doll that takes two D-sized batteries. After cleaning and replacing a wire, I am happy to report she walks, wobbles and shakes like she's supposed to! The box read, "The doll that walks by herself!" Her outfit is original, shoes and socks are replacements.

Ideal Kissy stands 22" tall.  She was made from 1961-1964.  She is wearing her original outfit with her original mary-jane style shoes. She has the twist-wrists so common in dolls of this time.
The unique feature of this doll is that when you squeeze her arms together she puckers her lips and makes a kissing noise.

From 1963 to 1968, Ideal marketed the smaller version of Kissy. This one is called Tiny Kissy and stands 16" tall. When you pull her hands together she puckers her lips and makes a kissing sound. Tiny Kissy has her original tagged dress and original shoes. Tiny Kissy's body is vinyl, and is strung with elastic bands. Kissy had a special song that was used in Ideal's advertising. It went like this: "Go get Kissy if you want a little kiss, press her arms like this and you get a little kiss, go get Kissy if you want a little kiss, for you she is Ideal."



1960-61 Ideal Pattite Patti Playpal is named for her resemblance to her bigger sister, Patti Playpal. 18, fully jointed, all vinyl strung doll. Marked Ideal Toy Corp. G-18 on back of head and back. Redressed in outfit shown.




1969 Ideal Bibsy is 23" tall, all vinyl, with rooted hair, blue sleep eyes, rooted lashes, open smiling mouth. Marked on head Ideal Toy Corp./D-20-1. She is wearing her original romper and dress. The bow may be original, I am not sure. Her mouth puckers, and she also squeaks when you squeeze her! She has undies, socks and shoes that I believe were added. Has a copy of original instruction sheet.