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I have had the opportunity to fish with Dennis Skurulsky through the RCL Walleye League, Wisconsin Division. He is a knowledgeable professional with a unique combination of skills that would be an asset to any pro staff.
Dennis’ monthly column in Midwest Outdoors magazine is a must read. Dennis has the ability to describe his preferred fishing tactics and tie in how well certain products contribute to his success. There is a fine line between writing an informative column that praises products without becoming an advertisement that will cause the reader to turn the page. I feel that Dennis is skilled in staying on the right side of the line. The discipline required to write a monthly column is evidence of Dennis’ commitment to his sponsors and loyal readers.
In addition to his magazine writing, Dennis has an established reputation in the walleye community for his thoughtful contributions on the Internet. I have seen several instances where a dissatisfied consumer aired potentially unfair complaints about respected products. Dennis was quick to respond with a solution for a technical issue or to provide a proper contact at the manufacturer, before these complaints caused significant harm. No matter how good of a product a company produces, there will always be a dissatisfied consumer. In the era of the Internet, it is easy for one dissatisfied consumer to voice his opinion to millions of potential customers. It is important for pro staff members to be on the front line to diffuse these types of problems, before they harm a brand reputation
Dennis produces outstanding multimedia presentations and delivers them professionally to groups of all sizes. As a director for Walleyes Unlimited USA, I have the opportunity to see more than 20 presentations per year at our club meetings. Walleyes Unlimited is an organization of approximately 500 members dedicated to serious walleye fishing. Club members have a high degree of sophistication; we regularly have guest speakers such as Gary Roach and Mark Martin. Dennis’ presentations are regularly among the best.
Dennis’ experience as a professional educator is evident to any Amateur or guide client that has the good fortune to fish in a boat with him. A day spent in the boat with Dennis is a hands-on seminar of walleye fishing. Dennis takes the time to explain the proper use of electronics and other equipment. He also demonstrates the fishing techniques in a way that only a professional educator could. Dennis’ love of teaching is evident in his approach with new fishermen

With the rare combination of attributes that Dennis brings to the table, he is capable of representing his sponsors with the utmost professionalism, ethics and enthusiasm.

Eric Skell P.E.
Vice President
Electro-Pro Inc.

Dennis has a unique talent when it comes to fishing. You never have to ask him if he caught fish, but how many and how large. He has a wonderful ability to teach and not make you feel like you cannot ask questions. My confidence in my ability to catch fish after spending a day on the water with Dennis has never been at a higher level.

Ken Wagner
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

I have known and fished with Dennis for nearly three years now. I have had a lot of good times and I have numerous fishing stories. I grew up fishing in southern Illinois where I fished for bass, catfish, and panfish. Throughout college and my first several years in northern Illinois, I did very little fishing. I got back into it because of a friend of mine who knows Dennis. Before three years ago, I knew nothing about walleye, lake trout, or muskie fishing. Now my spring, summers, and parts of my autumns are spent chasing these species. No matter what body of water we visited, if I have been with Dennis we caught fish. 

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