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Who Are Buffy's Worst Nightmares

The Master

The oldest vampire know to be on the Earth.Not much is known about him.His name is unknown his origin is unknown.All we do know is how he got to Sunnydale.
The Master tried to open sunnydale's hellmouth upon his arrival but an earthquake happened and the Masters was stuck in an underground church.He remained ther for 60 years until he arranged "The Harvest".This is where he could draw power from every life his "vessel" would take.This was stopped by Buffy and he remained trapped.A prophecy found by giles told Buffy of her death at the hands of The Master.she faced him and that indeed happen.He bit her and she drowned only to be revive by Xander.The Master already summoning his hell hounds and worshipers was then fought by Buffy on the roof of the school.She bested him and he was impaled on a table and gone from Sunnydale.

Spike & Drusilla

Vampire couple William The Bloody and Drusilla came to Sunnydale drawn by the hellmouths mystical energy.Spike hoping to kill the slayer took comand of The Annointed One's vampire group on arrival, promising to rid them of the slayer that night.
He failed and the two became Buffy and the gang's arch nemisis.
Through the year the two gangs fought on many occasions.It was when Angelus turned and joined their team things changed.
Angelus and Drusilla flirted and Spike was put into a wheelchair after restoring her to her full strength.Spike resented Angelus for being able to give Dru what she wanted to.So to stop this Spike made an alliance with Buffy-If she let him and Dru skip town he would help her kill Angelus.Which he did.Spike and Dru left Sunnydale.
But Spike returned after a couple of months.Dumped by Dru Spike wanted Willow to do a love spell to get her back.After meeting Buffy and Angel Spike left.
Only he returned yet again trying to get even with Buffy but was captured by the Initiative soldiers where a chip as placed into his head making him unable to harm any living things...


The Initiative-A government underground labratory that performs experiments on demons and the undead, was run by Maggie Walsh.
While performing theses experiments she had a special project.Adam.He was "a kinetically redundant,bio-chemical demonoid."
Adam was fasinated with life and wanted to know more about humand and himself.He killed small children and demons and split them open to know more.On occasions when Buffy and Adam would meet,adam would appear to be too strong and couldn't be hurt at all by Buffy.
Adam's plan was to create a race of demon/human hybrids.Buffy learnt this and kept trying her best to stop him but just couldn't.They needed a plan to stop him and it was Xander who came up with it.Xander, Buffy, Willow and Giles combined their strength,knowledge,and wicca powers and called on the spirits of all the slayers to help buffy bring Adam down.She kicked his ass and pulled out his power source to make sure Adam was gone forever.


Described by The Master as "the most vicious creature I ever met".Angelus was cursed by romanian gypsies.Cursed with a soul.hoping to never have another moment of true happiness Angelus was sentenced with a concious.When Angel slept with Buffy he did have this moment and Angelus was back! He began to torment Buffy and her friends.Drawing her and her mother while they sleep.Also in his most evil act was killing Giles' girlfriend Jenny because she had the spell to restore his soul. Angelus joined with Spike and Drusilla brought forward a demon named Acathla who had the power to swallow the world in one breathe.While Buffy faced him off Willow was attempting to restore his soul.After a vicious fight involving spike and swords and vampires Buffy was about to send Angelus back to Hell, because only his blood could open and then close the portal, Willow succeded and Angel was back at the final moment.Buffy knew that she had no choice and after a tender moment with Angel she ran through him with the sword and Angelus was gone.

The Mayor

All through high school the authorities-Principal Snyder and the police-had hinted that they had some idea of what was going on in Sunnydale.We were then introduced to Mayor Richard Wilkins III.Him and his asscociate,vampire Mr.Trick,payed homage and tribute to many demons getting ready for The Mayors ascension.When Buffy realised this she and Faith were ordered to stop it.Faith slayed Mr.Trick.Feeling isolated from Buffy's gang she took over this role.
The Mayor and Faith wanted to end Buffy and the scoobies and even tried to get Angelus back.They did but it was a plan to find out more about them by Angel and Buffy.they found out that The Mayor's ascensin would be on Graduation day and Faith's treachery was brought into the open.
The Mayor's ascension involved the ritual that would transform him into a PURE demon.
On Graduation day the Mayor achieved ascension and the whole school fought against him.With some casulties the Mayor(in demon form) was lurd by Buffy into the library where Giles' blew him up along with the school.


Glory or Glorificus is a God.A God of one of the most vicious hell dimensions ever.But with abusing her powers she was banished from her dimensions and is trying hard to get back.Being in this dimension she was sentenced with a human side named Ben.He makes Glory weak and she needs to take a humans brain to help her stop turning mad.
Buffy's little sister Dawn is her key.Literally as she is "The Key".Glory doesn't know what her key looks like hence her sucking the brain of anyone who doesn't know or won't tell her, like Tara.
Eventually Glory found Dawn and kidnapped her from Buffy.She put Dawn up and when she wanted her and the ritual was to begin.Buffy learnt about this and the whole gang sprang into action.They went to where Glory was and Buffy and her faced off.she used the hammer of a god against her and she was beating Glory.When Glory transformed into Ben Buffy left him for Dawn but Giles' smothered Ben,killing him and therefore Glory.

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