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"Get Out My Way" By Fitz Houston

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#    Date / Time    Message
1.    12/28/11    I have been blessed by the various prayers and have been listening to them for the past month. Thank you for allowing God to use you to be a blessing to others!
2.    01/28/11    Excellent site Thank You
3.    12/22/10    Pastor Danial Maqsood Chairman GOSPEL OF FAITH MINISTRIES of Pakistan. Holy Ghost Ministry and Worldwide Vision.Pastor Danial Maqsood ordination Pastor. Pastor Danial Have many team members those are working with her day and night and all team members a
4.    12/09/10    I foud you whil lookig on Utube and I am very Bless that the Father lead me to your site, Thank you, I found something I really need Please let me no if you sell Cd's, Thank you and God Bless you your Wife and Ministry
5.    12/09/10    I found your Site on Utube and what I heard sent me searching to find your Site what a Blessig, I Love your prayers very much, They are a rich source of Blessing to me , Please let me no if you hve Cd's of them that I can Buy.
6.    11/09/10    N/A
7.    05/26/10    I don't know how I found your website but I am so blessed by it and will keep in touch.
8.    04/27/10    I am a Intercessor and I was blessed to retrieve your confession
9.    04/26/10    Please pray for 3things in my life right now that I need HELP so very much through.
10.    02/01/10    Blessings to you, my husband and I have a growing ministry in Ottawa Canada that is just blowing up in Canada that were looking for new ways to reach the mass. Please visit our my space to see more., along with our music video.
11.    01/16/10    wow! this is wonderful. I was searching for something that can teach me on how to study the word of God that even the common people can understand. Your site is helping me how to pray, how to witness. etc. Now I understand. I love reading my bible now.
12.    08/21/09    Thank you!!
13.    08/20/09    N/A
14.    07/16/09    Wonderful website; I'm looking for a copy of the poem Only One that appeared on your website in 2007; how can I get it?
15.    03/30/09    Take a Missions Team Church planting - Tanzaniaprepare for Conference of the Pastors and wifes in Dodoma then we have the trip for church planting in Tanzania , this mission team we begain /planing from 6 to 9Augost 2009 we have 5 areas strong for church
16.    01/02/09    Respected brother in Jesus Christ, Praise the Lord, My heartfelt greeting to you in the most precious name, Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. I urge you to spare some peaceful time to go through this letter. I am Brother Johnson Paul Mukkara; we
17.    11/14/08    Joy and leap, for you can win the sinners heart to Jesus,Thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
18.    11/11/08    I just wanted to inform you that your website has blessed me so much. I wish you would let me be associated with your ministry in way or another. Pr Philemon. Kenya, East Africa.
19.    11/09/08    Joy and joy and let your light shine to salvation for many lost , And be blessed
20.    11/06/08    I must start off by saying you are truly blessed. I can see the light that GOD has planted in you. I'm a poet who resides in Richmond,VA.I'm always looking to meet other inspritional people.Check me out
21.    11/04/08    Greetings. Thank you for this wonderful site and am very blessed
22.    10/30/08    Great song and messages and its touching
23.    10/20/08    Love and love for he have power that heal our soul and mind and win the lost to Christ,thanks and bless and pray
24.    10/09/08    For God's direction and provision in my life Marianne
25.    09/15/08    Wiise man winnner the sinners hearts to Christ,thanks for this blessed site ,pray ,keijo sweden
26.    09/06/08    FROM VA. You are a blessing to the kingdom pray for me please and keep up the great work
27.    07/01/08    Great song!
28.    06/29/08    Are you located in Sacramento, CA 95841 area. I need a church home that is close in this area
29.    06/27/08    Hey Fitz, Those scriptures are powerful!!!! I know God gave them to you! Awesome! Love your web-site too! Love angie
30.    06/04/08 Congratulations on your career, achievements, and website. Thomas Smith, Chattanooga, TN.
31.    04/25/08    I am ipleased with your teaching and irequest to plant your ministry here kenya we need milk and honey but we are missing nice message ihave on website please affiliat with ministry . t
32.    03/05/08    please pray for Lynne Sams for the Lord's Divine and Glorious Healing Power over breast cancer Thank You! Marianne Vangalio P.O. Box 3761 Prescott, Az. 86302 928 759 0059
33.    11/15/07    This is truly a devine connection,looking forward to working with you (Diligent) Houston, Tx
34.    10/22/07    One thing comes to mind , to GOD be the glory in all that he does through his people. I say stay prayed up and you will not fail .Ain't God good !
36.    09/19/07    Im Micheal Cole down here in Fort Myers FL, my friend Miller talked to you about our organazation GRA (Gospel Rap Alliance) I want to give you a video of mine and a demo, and maybe we can work something out down here where we can get some air from CA.
37.    09/11/07    Hey Fitz, my new phone # for right now is 626-792-2109 and my email address is new it's listed above. Hope you can make the 3rd Tuesday again please let me know as soon as possible and also let me know what's up for Oct's guest and what's expected
38.    08/19/07    Invitation for the Servants of the God
39.    08/13/07    please pray for me area for my children to be return to me.There in foster care me an my husband completed everything but they said it was not enough so they were not fair with us in court.Me as mother I miss my children but I never stop believing in god
40.    06/23/07    God is good bro, I got your back, but, you know that! Mac
41.    04/21/07    THIS SITE REALLY BLESSED ME!!
42.    04/02/07    God bless nyou as you leed his sheep
43.    03/30/07    Wonderful site. Do you have a group that ministers through steppin'? if so, I'd like to speak with you about our Good Friday Concert. Blessings,
44.    02/20/07    your site is mervelous and very rich for christian leaders, pasteur joseph god bless you
45.    02/08/07    i love this site god bless you all i love the prayers
46.    02/02/07    Jesus loves everyone
47.    11/27/06    This site is a blessing to me and to the world. More Christians websites such as this one is needed to encourage and to bless the body of Christ. May God continue to you.
48.    11/07/06    I love your ministry i'm admiring to be take part in this ministry.God bless you!
49.    10/27/06    Ave enjoyed your ministry,please let me hear from pastor Nsubuga Steven from africa uganda
50.    08/30/06    I've enjoyed viewing your wed site, and you have a wonder site. Keep up the good work. My God Bless each and everyone of you.
51.    07/26/06    Your website is very inspirational. the section on scriptures is wonderful.
52.    07/25/06    Good afternoon Mr. Houston, We enjoyed viewing this site and having an opportunity to see how God is just continuing to use & bless your ministry!! It was such a pleasure speaking with you last week! God Bless you!! - Vision of Harmony
53.    07/18/06    Be mercyful and pray of God great revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
54.    07/10/06    You are doing such wonderful things! I love your work and your site.will like your help in sreading the gospel in india in AndhrapradeshPRAISE THE LORD YOUR BROTHER IN CHRIST ISSACK
55.    06/23/06    thanks for this prayer be blessed
56.    06/17/06    very good guys thanks alot.
57.    06/07/06    Stop by and sign the guestbook. :)
58.    05/16/06    Hello, my name is Lynette and I am apart of the gospel group Melodious. I just wanted to send you an encouraging word to keep spreading the Good News, and may God continue to richly bless you!!!
59.    05/08/06    I felt very uplifted and encouraged by your web-site. I will visit again. God bless.
60.    04/21/06    Praise the Lord from Georgia !!! (website:
61.    03/27/06    You are doing such wonderful things! I love your work and your site. Blessings to you and your wife. Shannon Fezer
62.    03/15/06    will like your help in sreading the gospel in africa
63.    02/04/06    IGod Bless Your Ministry!!!!!!!
64.    01/09/06    I would like to vist your church, mrs. wells kennth and karen what is your address my contact number is 323 2911853 thank you.
65.    01/07/06    Thank you for the inspirational words I've read on this site. I thank God for leading to your site and I look forward to sharing my poems on your site in the near future. God Bless!
66.    10/03/05    awesome pray for my husband bobs salvation
67.    09/01/05    It great site. I am just native missionary.You can see me at my website I really enjoy reading the testimonies.MayGod bless you all.
68.    08/29/05    MY BROTHER and SISTER IN MY CHRIST LOVE.
69.    06/24/05    May God continue to Bless you and the Show.
70.    05/24/05    Keep up the good work. We need showes like this. God bless you and all the people involed with the show.
72.    02/04/05    First , God will alway lead you where you need to be, I came across this site looking for something else. I guess I needed to read several of these poems. thank you so much for putting them where they are, ( In the perfect place ).
73.    02/02/05    Hi my name William.C.Lee From Bermuda God BlessYou And Yours All Ways
74.    01/06/05    Thanks for these prayers/scriptures. A friend of mine at church recommended your website to us for these prayers.
75.    01/02/05    From what I can see - Nice job!. I espacially like that you are not hesitant to address such folk as T.D. Jakes and those who support him.
76.    11/12/04    Pray for our ministry developments
77.    09/30/04    Very Happy for both of you. I love your site too and encouraged your work. Please keep up the faith. Love, Anthony Zico
78.    04/08/04    fitz, may GOD continue to bless you and your ministry-- briscoe
80.    03/12/04    Ha danny trice just checking out your web site,now you have my add.
81.    03/01/04    Hi ,Very inspirational.Check out my site when you have
82.    02/08/04    Let Him continue to lead and guide you in all that you do. Tina
83.    01/09/04    This is truly a great way to reach people.
84.    12/29/03    This website is truly a blessing please continue to do Gods work.
85.    12/23/03    Praise God Cous. It's such a joy to know you are doing what the Lord has instructed you to do. I too know how good He is. We shall talk. xxxxxxxxxxxxxLoree
86.    11/22/03    God Bless both of you and I'll be speaking to you soon! Tene'
87.    07/03/03    I just saw my poem Who is God on your web page it blessed me to know that you cared enough too show it to others Praise God!!Violet Allen
88.    07/03/03    thank you for your encouraging words it has always lifted me up.I hav'nt been checking my e-mail, but I've seen you have sending me still words of faith,for that I truly am blessed.My God's light shine upon you always.Love from one of God's servant
89.    06/06/03    I have been truly inspired by the testimonies on your site. Praise God!!
90.    04/26/03    Praise the Lord, I know someone who has a ministry spread the Word. Regina and Emery are you them? If so praise God Evangelist Anne Johnson
91.    04/11/03    Thanks for all of the very nice eCards and welcome to Gifts2Men. --GSr
92.    02/28/03    Fitz, you and Jahnna are so very special! May you know that you are loved!!! Dr. Tonya Lewis
93.    11/20/02    We wnat to sahre our ministry with you
94.    10/22/02    Discovered your site while surfing and enjoyed my visit. --Greg Stamper
95.    10/11/02    Keep the faith..peace and love!
96.    08/06/02    Fitz, I often think about you. I trust God is blessing you real good. Stay in His care. Regards, Petey
97.    06/07/02    Blessings for your website!! It has good information! May the Lord bless you and your wife in Jesus' name!!! Love and appreciation! Dr. Tonya Lewis
98.    05/13/02    What a wonderful site you have here! God bless you for all the hard work and effort. It is wonderful being able to put a picture in my heart along with all the love I feel for the two of you. God bless you NOW and ALWAYS! You are in my prayers daily!
99.    01/19/02    Thank you for the Greeting. It was right on time, as I have been under spiritual attacks all week long. keep me in prayer. God Bless.
100.    01/07/02    I love your site. Keep up the good work in spreading the word of GOD!!
101.    12/18/01    A beautiful couple, going beyond Sunday School Blessing be upon you.
102.    12/18/01    Wonderful site. God Bless you. May Prosperity overtake you.
103.    12/05/01    thank you so much for the beautiful card i get from you ever week,may the good lord shower you both with golden blessing and keep you safe.god bless you
104.    12/01/01    Wonderful website! Don't give up 'til you go up! God bless! Yours in Christ, Dwayne Winstead (West A Member)
105.    11/04/01    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!! May He continue to enrich your lives.
106.    10/12/01    Thank you very much for sending me the weekly motivations. I look forward to them. You have truely been a blessing to my life. May the Lord continue to richly bless you for your outreach has truely been a blessing.
108.    08/21/01    I enjoy hearing from you. I have in turn sent many others the messages from Thank you so much for your encouragement. May God continue to richly bless your ministry.
109.    08/21/01    May God grant you always- Love, Peace and Happiness
110.    07/22/01    Thank you for always sending timely DaySpring greetings. You can reach me at the e-mail address I have included in this message or continue to use the BP address... Anointed_Pat
111.    07/21/01    Thank you for inviting me to your website! I have been truly blessed by God. Continue to spread the Word of God to every living Creature. The Lord is with you...

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