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1.    06/27/11    Thank you for talking to me. Sid Pegram Jr
2.    05/05/11    N/A
3.    12/22/10    Happy Holidays to you and your family. Been a long time reaching out... Author, Didi Tillson
4.    11/23/10    Wow Brother! You are a blessing to me! I am so grateful that God is using you to address problems men have as the church has not.
5.    02/16/09    am blessed to see the ministry God has placed in your heart to heal many emotionally and setting things in Gods order.your ministry is needed in eldoret kenya too this year april 2009
6.    09/03/08    Wiise man winnner the sinners hearts to Christ,thanks for this blessed site ,pray ,keijo sweden
7.    08/08/08    due to excessive masturbation my body has turned unbalanced, so i have completely stopped masturbation.. how do i turn my body normal again. please send me reply on "atsui_nuru@hotmail.com"
8.    05/21/07    This has been very helpful and informative. I have added the victory confession to my list of daily confessions. I found myself struggling in this area and search for help. I found you website though streaming faith. I am very grateful for you words.
9.    02/24/07    This website is a blessing from the MOST HIGH GOD!!! It will encourage you that want to defeat the enemy and all his tricks and devices to destroy us and our families. As the scripture states, "...The devil is roaring about seeking whom he may devour.."
10.    10/27/06    it is agood site,my desire is to hear from you.am pastor Steven from africa uganda
11.    04/12/06    OoO! Nice site! I juuust LOVE it! Found it rather interesting and useful, you know:) http://www.phentermine.grandsearch.net
12.    12/14/05    I need help for this addication is there someone I can talk to by either appointment or over the phone. I live in Ark.
13.    05/07/04    Thanks for the inspiration!!

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