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Kamehameha Descendants

A collection of stories is intended under this title, this is the first:


One of Kamehameha’s Descendants son/stepson (PART I) served as a Supreme Court Judge in China (PART II). DISCUSSION (PART III).

ANTHONY L. AHLO – Justice of the Supreme Court in Peking and Entitled to the fifth rank.

His mother was LAHELA married AHLO, divorced. She had other marriages. LAHELA’s sisters were HALIAKA, KALUAHINE, KIPOLA daughters of NAHUINA who was the daughter of KINI. KINI was one of the four children of HANUNA the brother of PAUAHI, KEOLA, and KONIA. They were the four children of KAOLEIOKU (died in 1818), the oldest son of KAMEHAMEHA (died in 1819).


KALANIOPUU married KANEKAPOLEI married KAMEHAMEHA / / KEOUA married KAOLEIOKU married KALUAHINE / / / / PAUAHI (female) KEOLA (male) HANUNA (male) KONIA (female) / / KAPULE (male) HOOKAHE (female) POOHINA (female) KINI (female) / / NAINOAALUA (male) KAMAI (male) KAAKAU (female) KAILI (female) HANANUI (female) KALAIKINI (female) ISAIA/KAAEA (male) ULUNUI (female) KEONI KINI/LIILII (male) (adopted) KAAPIIPII (female) MELEANA (female) NAHUINA (female) NAHUINA (female) / / KALUAHINE (female) HALIAKA (female) KIPOLA (female) LAHELA (female) married AHLO (divorced) &others / / ANTHONY L. AHLO – Supreme Court Judge in CHINA Siblings and stepsiblings


In the Pacific Commercial Advertiser, dated June 24, 1908, Honolulu, Hawaii, the following article appeared:


In a letter received yesterday by Mrs. L. Ahlo, from her son, Anthony L. Ahlo, formerly of Honolulu, stating that he has been promoted as Justice to the Supreme Court in Peking and is entitled to the fifth rank. The position he is now occupying is an important one and enjoys a high prestige among the officials. Ordinarily it takes a man of the eighth rank, which ws what he had up to this present one, at least ten years to advance into the fifth, and then he must have influence at his back, otherwise fifteen or twenty years would not be considered unreasonable for his promotion.

Following is a clipping from the Chinese Public Opinion, an English paper of Peking, of May 26, 1908. That paper says:

“We are pleased to note the appointment of Mr. A. L. Ahlo to a position as justice in the Supreme Court in Peking. This gentleman is one of the new generation and was educated at the University of Cambridge, England, where he passed his degree, with honors. He has been for some time acting as legal adviser to the High Court of Justice and has been doing good work in this department. It is a noteworthy fact that he is the first returned student who has been appointed to a position of any importance in the Judiciary of China. We trust that many more, good men and true, of a similar calibre will in future find honorable positions in this department, which is sadly in need of reform, for with an efficient staff of justices and a codified law China will be able, within a rational period, to gain the consent of the Powers to abolish the hateful system of extraterritoriality which at present exists within her borders.”


LAHELA Ahlo, Kamehameha descendant, had been faced with the dilemma of having a husband who ran off to China with three children. She divorced him and made sure that he would not be able to take any more of her children/stepchildren, etc.

China was one of the places that held a Kamehameha Trust Account, according to relatives. The Trusts included monies from the Sandalwood Trade and Commerce with China during the time of Kamehameha. The second Kamehameha Trust Account was held in San Francisco. The Wilcox family members checked on the Trust a few years ago and found it with billions of dollars after the discovery of the Trust Account was given to one of the descendants.

Robert Wilcox was one of the early leaders in Hawaii, who was schooled in ITALY funded by the Kingdom of Hawaii during King Kalakaua’s time period. Celso Moreno, friend of King Kalakaua, early suspected spy in Hawaii talked King Kalakaua into taking several young Hawaiians/kanaka maoli to ITALY for educational purposes.

The Atlantic Cable Company employed Celso Moreno. The Pacific Cable Company transactions began in 1878 with Celso Moreno leading the way towards social change, representative of the United States who was financially strapped and unable to properly fund the Cable activities.

The fear of JAPAN due to the possibility of San Francisco, etc. areas would become infiltrated and that it would take more than 10 years to get them out was the reason behind the need for the Pacific Cable Company.

San Francisco is where the Kamehameha Trust exists. Only a few years ago, shortly after heirs of Kamehameha, not the DESCENDANTS, went to check on the trust did President Clinton’s administration suddenly claim that the United States had a substantial sum found which assisted the economy. To date, it is highly suspected that the Kamehameha Trust continues under CONSPIRACIES, CRIMINAL DEVIANTS, ACTIVITIES that remains claimed by CRIMINAL DEVIANTS who have over time claimed that BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP was the last of the Kamehameha’s.

BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP was married to CHARLES REED BISHOP, a conspirator/TERRRORIST of Queen Liliuokalani. He was a banker, a plantation owner, investor in the PACIFIC CABLE COMPANY, which benefitted the United States.

King Kalakaua had a FRAUD deed to two 8-9 years-deceased alii/Chief and Chiefess in 1875.

All of these issues occurred during the period of King Kalakaua who was questionably helped into the Monarchy seat with the aid of PIRATE OF THE PACIFIC: CHARLES REED BISHOP and Friends, most of whom were bankers, MASONS, sugar planters, American businessmen in Hawaii.

The above issues reveal the following countries which actually reveals issues that affect ALL IN THE WORLD TODAY:

Hawaii, United States, China, Italy, and Japan.

Historical books facts reveal that Great Great Britain, Germany, France and Russia also played a considerable role, which affects EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TODAY.

Observations by One of Kamehameha’s descendants, Amelia Kuulei Gora, a Royal Person, not subject to the Laws:

The United States and Great Britain have a number of Conspiracies documented. France, China, Italy, Spain, Japan, Germany, and Russia had known about the DEVIOUSNESS of the United States over time.

The UNITED STATES has a BARBARIC history, therefore IS A documented BARBARIC country which has been supported by GREAT BRITAIN over time.

How is it that the VATICAN through the Pope’s continues to maintain the PAPAL BULLS documents of 1493 validating the plundering of “barbarous” countries? The arm of the VATICAN was SPAIN. The UNITED STATES became the arm of the VATICAN as documented in the 1923-court case found by an American Indian researcher.

The PAPAL BULLS are the Christian International Laws basis, validating plundering upon INNOCENTS…..yet the arm of the VATICAN is a BARBARIC country, the United States with it’s friends in tow namely, GREAT BRITAIN.

ITALY who at one time included the VATICAN with the Pope (and Army of perverted priests) separated in in 1920’s and the VATICAN became recognized as a Sovereign State. (A State of ?)

FRANCE and GREAT BRITAIN recognized the Kingdom of Hawaii as a separate nation, a Monarchy. (American Indians, Alaskan Indians, etc. CANNOT claim such.)

FRANCE recognized the UNITED STATES as a separate nation.

CHINA recognized the Kingdom of Hawaii and maintained a Trust Account. One of Kamehameha’s descendants son ANTHONY L. AHLO became a Supreme Court Justice in CHINA. His descendants are unknown, although, other Kamehameha descendants EXIST including others and myself.

The UNITED STATES feared JAPAN. Why? Is fear not caused due to WRONGDOING, especially when Japanese culture looks at honorable issues, customs? (I too am a descendant of the Tokugawa families, Heike clan of Yamaguchi, Japan. Great grandfather was Matsugoro Takeshita who also married one of Kamehameha’s family members. Great great grandfather, father-in-law of Matsugoro had been married to one of the wives of Kamehameha II – Liholiho/King Kamehameha II.)

The three-way protectorate of Hawaii was the UNITED STATES, GREAT BRITAIN and GERMANY……FRANCE watched closeby.

RUSSIA and GREAT BRITAIN recognized Hawaii as an Archipelago, the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Hawaii’s Queen Liliuokalani was wrongfully dethroned in 1893. She maintained that the UNITED STATES BREACHED the Laws of Nations.

JAPAN and GERMANY questioned the wrongful dethronement. FRANCE and RUSSIA observed. SPAIN appealed to the ENTITY backed by the UNITED STATES that Hawaii was a Neutral Nation, was it not. SPAIN’s Consulate was told that they were not and supported the UNITED STATES.

The Spanish American War was fought with its WARMONGER PRESIDENT Roosevelt stating that “it was a splendid little war.”

The UNITED NATIONS are riding on FRAUD, TREASONOUS basis due to the founders/original founders being the CFR members the UNITED STATES and GREAT BRITAIN with bankers/international bankers etals. maintaining FRAUD, DECEIT, and TREASONOUS activities against its own people. Multiples of BREACHES to the Laws of Nations are recorded.

The UNITED NATIONS should dissolve leaving the United States and Great Britain to deal with issues affecting all INNOCENTS by themselves. The United States will have to deal with its internal issues due to the documented slavery issues, changed CONSTITUTION, and INTERDEPENT status with a organization based on DISHONESTY, CORRUPTION, FRAUD, DECEIT, CONSPIRATORS/ TERRORIST from historical times affecting the present day INNOCENTS who will eventually uncover ALL OF THE FACTS…………aloha nui loa.

Report prepared by Amelia Kuulei Gora, one of Kamehameha’s descendants, a Royal Person, not subject to the Laws, OPPOSING WARS, maintaining the claims of all of Kamehameha’s descendants as one of the Representatives of the Hawaiian Genealogy Society affiliated with the Kingdom of Hawaii –Neutral status. Dated: March 11, 2003.




Royal persons are those who descend from Kamehameha who died in 1819.

In a Monarchy/Monarchial government, the Kings descendants are called Royal persons. For example, i am one of his direct descendants.

Kamehameha thru Kamehameha V were Royal persons.

Explanation: Kamehameha was considered a Royal person, his two sons were Kamehameha II and Kamehameha III, then his grandsons became Kamehameha IV and Kamehameha V.

Americans in Hawaii claimed that the line, except for Bernice Pauahi Bishop had died out. But FRAUD, DECEIT, CRIMINAL CLAIMS became apparent and documented through intense research.

Kamehameha had 10 documented wives. I descend from two of his wives.

Kamehameha II had 7 documented wives. One of his wives married my great great grandfather who had challenged the JURISDICTION of the Courts in Hawaii.

Kamehameha III had 3 documented wives. He married Nahienaena, Kekualoa, and Kalama. Kalama had two children from her earlier marriage, their names being Pohihi(female) and Kahue (female) an ancestor of mine.

Kamehameha IV had a wife Queen Emma who was the true daughter of Fanny Kekela a adopted sister of my great great grandmother Kouluhina/ Kekulu (female) who was a daughter of P. Nahaolelua, one of the members of the House of Nobles. P. Nahaolelua was also my great great great grandfather (paternal).

Queen Emma was adopted by Dr. TCB Rooke who married Grace Kamaikui. Grace Kamaikui was the full sister of Fanny Kekela and true aunt of Queen Emma.

Grace Kamaikui was one of the six (6) wives of Mataio Kekuanaoa who was the father of Paalua (male) (my ancestor),Ruth Keelikolani/ Princess Ruth, David Kamehameha, Moses Kekuaiwa, Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV, Lot Kamehameha/ Kamehameha V, Victoria Kamamalu, hanai/adopted sister: Bernice Pauahi Bishop, stepbrother Alenoho,(my ancestor) stepsiblings: Kapehe (female) (my ancestor), Pau (male), E.N. Kaaua, Enoka/Enosa, Keloha/Kealoha (female), and Charles Kahuakaiola. (Mataio Kekuanaoa was married to Kalehua, Pauahi, Kinau, Kalima/Kalimakuhi/Kamahine, Kekapa, Kamaikui.

The FRAUD claim to Pearl Harbor involves Mataio Kekuanaoa and wife Kamaikui/Grace Kamaikui.

It was in the Probate of Victoria Kamamalu that states that Royal Persons are not subject to the law(s). Ref: Archives, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Sovereigns were King Lunalilo, King David Kalakaua, and Queen Liliuokalani. Only King Kalakaua's two children Kamaka (female) and Kaopu (male). Kamaka was the first marriage of my great great grandfather Charles Kauweloa. Kaopu/Kaopumomona (male) legally adopted my great great grandfathers children. His name was Luakini/ Kaluakini who was the adoptive/hanai father of Queen Kapiolani. Queen Kapiolani was married to King David Kalakaua. Queen Kapiolani was a adoptive/hanai sister of my grandmother (paternal).

Both of my great grandfathers were stepbrothers and our bloodlines are entangled being the bloodlines of all of the Kamehameha's, Royal persons and having the bloodlnes/same ancestors of the Sovereigns King Lunalilo, King David Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.

Sovereigns are called such because they do not descend from the King, Kamehameha and his family being Royal persons vs. Sovereigns.

Then there are Sovereigns as people. More than 15 years of research in genealogies have uncovered most of the Royal families including others and ours.


ps remember the issue of the Masons and the moves to break down Monarchial governments worldwide...Queen Liliuokalani was surrounded by Masons, most of the U.S. Presidents were Masons including the present cowboy.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4/21/2003 Greetings:

The following is a REVISED version a CORRECTED version of an e-mail sent OPPOSING THE AKAKA BILL (and the Companion Bill) sent earlier.

The corrections include the following and other explanations:

"not subject to the lands" changed to "not subject to the laws" etc. additional Kamehameha's sibling descendant: Kiilaweau


Aloha, Amelia Kuulei Gora, one of Kamehameha's descendants, not subject to the laws, address: P.O. Box 893753, Mililani, Hawaii 96789.



The following is an added entry in OPPOSITION TO THE AKAKA BILL........Congress does NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY over Hawaiian Lands that was admitted to have been gotten through CONSPIRACIES, FRAUD, criminal deviance, genocide, etc.

The FACTS of the matter is that Hawaii is OCCUPIED by Americans who have conspired/TERRORIZED Hawaiians/ Kanaka Maoli in the past.

Congress has called Queen Liliuokalani and her 40,000 subjects in 1893 "NIGGERS" along with the Press, etc. A total of 3,000 Americans, friends and paid followers were the minority group, the documented conspirators/ criminal deviants /TERRORISTS, an updated term used in letters to President William Clinton time period.

FRAUD is documented on Alii/Chiefs and Chiefesses probates.

FRAUD is documented due to the mysterious loss of the laws made during Kamehameha III's period and republished by conspirators/TERRORISTS AFTER the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani.

FRAUD is documented on Court Cases....many entered by my own ancestors. Examples: John Kapena and Antonio da Silveira, who was married to one of the wives of Kamehameha II - Liholiho.

Kamehameha had 10 wives....i descend from his children KAOLEIOKU, KANEKAPOLEI, MAULI/MAULILI ....i descend from Kamehameha's siblings: KALANIKAULIHIWAKAMA PIIPII, KALEIWOHI, KELIIMAIKAI, and KIILAWEAU.

I have the same blood as All the Royals and Sovereigns in Hawaii....Kamehameha thru Kamehameha V, King Lunalilo, King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. There are other descendants and heirs. Research is incomplete.

Due to YOUR FAILURE TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK, THE FACTS THAT Kamehameha descendants EXIST - Royal Persons exist, not subject to the laws (Reference: Victoria Kamamalu's Probate #2409, First Circuit Court, as stated by nephew of Kamehameha, Mataio Kekuanaoa my ancestor), and that I do NOT GRANT YOU (Congress, State of Hawaii, Courts in Hawaii, President who has since the time of the usurpation of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893 has died, all others having no claims) JURISDICTION OVER OUR LANDS AND AM HEREBY DOCUMENTING OPPOSITIONS FOREVERMORE, I MAINTAIN FOR OTHERS AND MYSELF, MY FAMILIES OWNERSHIP OF THE CROWN LANDS, wrongfully claimed ceded lands by Conspirators/ Criminal Deviants/TERRORISTS (updated term) who have criminally assumed as if theirs OUR LANDS IN A 1,650+ YEAR OLD SOCIETY WITH ROYAL PERSONS AND SOVEREIGNS EXISTING then (1893) and PRESENTLY (2003).


Hawaii, a SOLVENT Nation, whose Queen was wrongfully usurped, who was under stress, duress, usurpation, etc. was CONSPIRED against by Americans, MASONS - a secret society whose purpose was to break down Monarchial governments worldwide, wrongfully backed by the United States who BREACHED THE LAW OF NATIONS, as stated by Queen Liliuokalani still has "HEIRS AND SUCCESSORS" to the Crown Lands, maintaining claims to the "GOVERNMENT LANDS" and "RIGHTS OF TENANTS" NOT NATIVE TENANT RIGHTS as well.

The United States FALSELY CLAIMED PEARL HARBOR which was included in a recent court case No. 92-2435-07 State of Hawaii vs. Robert Kalani Uichi Kihune, Ronald Dale Libkuman, Constance Hee Lau, David Paul Coon, and Francis Ahloy Keala, Interim Trustees under the Will of the Estate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop-SEE EXHIBIT D - a FRAUD DEED and other messages sent previously. As a result, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENTS DIED NEEDLESSLY.......WARMONGER SCOUNDRELS OF THE UNITED STATES EXISTED THEN AND EXIST NOW....PLUNDERING UPON INNOCENTS FOR THE SOLVENT COUNTRIES RESOURCES VS. BANKRUPT COUNTRIES, THE UNITED STATES, INTERDEPENDENT WITH THE UNITED NATIONS.


Amelia Kuulei Gora, One of Kamehemaha's descendants, A Royal Person- not subject to the laws (recognized in the Waikiki Mound burials of our ancestors - meaning WAIKIKI lands, etc. still has owners), Heir of King Lunalilo, King Kalakaua, and Queen Liliuokalani and one of the Representatives of the Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli Genealogy Society (recognized in the Big Island claims of our ancestors Iwi/bones of Alii Nui by the Bishop Museum, etc.) affiliated with the Kingdom of Hawaii (impaired) and maintaining Neutrality. Address: P.O. Box 893753 Mililani, Hawaii 96789


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