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"My Poems"


Life, just as it does for all of us, brought me to experience many things that I would not have ever wanted to go through . . .

Would that I had to have only one hard thing to get through.  Not so for any of us, and that is why we have to keep trying, keep enduring, and most importantly, keep praying!

During one such time in my life, I was inspired to write these poems.   They belong to the part of me that has to continue with the process and work of personal conversion.  I share them with you, and hope that in Spirit they can communicate some of the hope and strength with simplicity that I received in the contemplation of these thoughts.

In particular, the poem "Vessel of God" could very well be the voice of the Blessed Mother, and however bold it may seem . . .  we need to claim such a voice within ourselves.   May we enable the Holy Spirit to lead us through the path in life.  May we courageously step onto the path the Lord desires for each of us!



           +     +     +     +     +     +


I can close my eyes, and lay back free,
the world outside, yet I still see.
The place that I go, I need not fear,
for I know that I'm protected in here!

For God is in me, and I am in Him,
and I have a place, to enter in.
What I have found, is so wonderful!
It's the place of my conscience, to help me with all!

I close my eyes and I look to see,
and trust my God, will show to me.
With pictures He sends, and the feelings I have,
and always a lesson, of honesty and love!

There was a time, when all I saw,
when I was unhappy - only darkness, that's all.
But I resolved to work and love,
and use my gifts, from God above!

The first vision, that I ever saw,
were flowers showering, from above they'd fall!
And then I felt springtime, in my soul,
this being the gift of joy in whole!

In this place, inside of me,
I find the power, to set healing free!
I look at myself and learn who I am,
and also I choose, what changes to begin.

All of this for, the purpose of living!
So I can better myself, and to other's be giving.
For if my place inside is not good,
then how will the outside, ever be understood?

So inside and out, my eyes learn to see!
My visions I'll use, so good shines from me.
And with all whom I meet, and those I love dear,
I'll use all I've found, to create peace and good cheer.


          +     +     +     +     +     +               

I send to you blessings!
Yes, blessings galore.
With each passing day,
see more and more!

God bless your heart!
God bless your mind!
God bless you life!
His love you'll find!

Blessings be pouring,
over your head,
and down to your feet,
to wherever you'll tred.

Blessings be seen ,
so you'll be believing!
And all of your worries,
for Him be relieving

And find blessing,
be for your eyes.
See wonders of Jesus
like stars of the sky!

So all of your blessings,
forever remain,
Be giving our JESUS,
blessings the same!


         +     +     +     +     +     +


Come with me friends,
look up to the sky.
Raise up your hearts,
Our Lord is nearby!

Come with me children,
now search deep inside.
Ready your spirits,
the Lords' path is not wide!

So, come now and follow,
Jesus leads us each day!
Beware of all evil,
be not led astray!

Now in the the world,
with expectancy and yearning.
Look up to the sky,
hope for Jesus' returning!

         +     +     +     +     +     +


Like the swan floating,
yes, head held low.
Beautiful and graceful,
is as we are to flow!

Like little babies,
following close mama swan.
Learn to be beautiful,
with grace flow along!




     +     +     +     +     +     +


The winds of the world carry off seeds of God.  Prayer plants them firmly and waters them with grace to grow!


         +     +     +     +     +     +


I am a vessel of God,
overflowing love on all.
Salvation is for everyone,
Let us sound the call!

Open wide your hearts,
every bit as wide.
As you want for Jesus,
to invite you inside.

Love is great and is healing,
and saves so many, too.
We know that God loves us,
and wants others come through you.

So, never let your love,
only be for some.
Each and every person,
deserves his chance to come.

And we are not to check,
if they deserve to fall.
Only keep on giving,
Let Jesus save them all!



May God give you courage, 
when you need to pray.
And send you the words,
your lips to say.

Remember this moment,
and know you were heard.
Your song to Him rising,
like songs of the birds.

Then listen quite often,
and listen with care.
For the answer He'll give you,
believe He will share.

He'll tell you He knows you,
and just what you need.
And also will give you,
His love to seed.

Thank Him most kindly,
and go on to see.
The answer was better,
Than you'd thought it'd be!


         +     +     +     +     +     +


Alone by the ocean,
layed down in the sand.
Do you hear the calling,
take hold of His hand?

Loving you, child,
I chose for my pleasure.
To lead you and fill you,
with all of my treasure.

This treasure is grace,
and grace alone.
So open your heart,
for my love be shone!

We call you ourselves,
to give us the glory.
Be not afraid,
to tell all your story.

Like ocean, my mercy,
flows like the tide.
over all who are wanting,
to stay by my side!






God will never give you more than you can carry with grace.

Living simply
   keeps us humbly
      close to the Lord!

Hearts that are clean
   allows to be seen
      the desire of the Lord.

When empty we stay
   and go it His way
      we're following the Lord!

In life that we live
   with love that we give
      is union with the Lord!



         +     +     +     +     +     +


The Light is not still,
   and pours out to fill,
   and to flow over lives bending.
It covers, it moves
   and teaches us truths
   so lives can also be mending!

Oh, where are you now?
   Have you sought the way how,
   be a heart like a vessel that's open?
To give forth and draw in,
   so all souls receive Him,
   to share He's the Light that is risen!


         +     +     +     +     +     +

Peace filled soul and singlehearted - - cleansed mind and body in Him be guarded!

         +     +     +     +     +     +

Jesus feeds me, in love now I live.
He leads me with love, and it's love I now give.
The words they are flowing, through me just for you,
and the love that I offer, is from Jesus, too!

Oh, how He tells me, the world is in strife.
And how He wants me, to give Him my life!
For all that we have, is all that He gave.
It's Jesus' sharing, to us, till the grave.

And when we pass on, He'll show us it all.
He'll ask us sincerely, did we hear Him call?
Oh, the answer we give Him, cannot deceive,
for all of our actions, He in truth received.

Each day now is work, no money could pay.
I follow my Jesus, the rest of the way.
And for all who have strayed, from Jesus I live,
and work for their souls, His saving love give!


         +     +     +     +     +     +

Hold the hand of the World,
all through life's sorrow.
Hoping for Saving Jesus,
to bless all our tomorrows!

Singing songs of love,
and prompted songs of praise.
All souls be remembered,
and on the last day be raised!

Ask, is all God asked,
ask and you shall be given.
Oh, remember that God loves you!
so to other's be forgiving.

The only thing required,
God will give to you.
Grace from Mary's heart,


         +     +     +     +     +     +


Like music or dance,
the meaning is flowing.
Rythm and feeling,
in me is growing!

I open and share,
this song of my life.
Movement and calling ,
to remove the strife!

With Jesus I'm dancing,
and to you inviting.
He'll give good grace,
all Heaven inspiring!

In Light He'll fill you,
with Light alive.
And He will draw through you,
all others to strive!


         +     +     +     +     +     +

Go to God often,
with every need.
Asking saints that he sends,
to keep up your plead.

With all of things past,
we are sure through it all.
That those who keep praying,
God answers their call.

We will never fail,
with Mother to guide us.
And brother's and sister's
from Heaven beside us.

This call that we gave,
was Jesus in us pleading.
Was God giving call,
to grace all our needing.



Blessings are being sent,
from my heart to yours!
We are Jesus' lovers,
and called to open doors!

Blessing you be filled anew!
Blessing you with love of Jesus!
Oh, blessing you in all you do,
from now till Jesus takes us!


         +     +     +     +     +     +


Be still, my soul, be still!
what you are going through is God's will.
You are in His hands and under His care,
so be still, my soul, be still!

Hush, oh my heart, just hush!
for there is no reason to rush.
Just follow His will, belong to Him still,
and hush, dear heart, just hush!

Forget it, my mind, forget it!
your old ways can never be fit.
For you now live His way, remember this pray,
Must forget it, old ways --forget it!

Obey, now my body, obey!
see you can't rule me now away.
For Jesus is Lord, oh lips speak His word,
and obey, now my body, obey!

Be giving, now whole self, be giving!
to Jesus who Lords over the living.
With Him you have died, in Him cricified,
Be giving, now whole self, be giving!



Spirit now descending,
to lead us all to Heaven!
Oh, open wide,
He will not chide,
and will lead us all to Heaven.

Spirit now within us,
Love we meet when we trust!
Oh, fill us now,
and show us how,
Love we meet when we trust.

Spirit now is leading,
and gifts our every needing!
Along the way,
He bids us to stay,
and gifts our every needing.

Spirit now is speaking,
to those who are seeking!
He sounds the call,
and gives us His all,
to those who are seeking.

Spirit now in our dying,
Oh,  comfort us in our crying!
In world we weep,
for our sins so steep,
Oh, comfort us in our dying.

Spirit now ascending,
with our prayers to the Lord who is tending!
He carries us on,
through night to the dawn,
Our prayers to the Lord who is tending!


         +     +     +     +     +     +


The scent of leaves on the forest floor,
sky's scent of rain.
A scent of skin is naturally unique,
for each and every man.

Flowers' scent is most well known,
but how about scent of insects?
And the wonderful scent from holy souls,
that no man will ever invent.



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All material herein '2003-2012 "Monica Davis".