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70/30% = 100%

So how much does it cost to join Keller Williams?

Do you mean if you DO or if you DON'T, either way it will cost you; one will cost you plenty!

For newly licensed agents, real estate companies typically start them on a 50/50 split and that simply means that you receive 50% of the gross commissions earned. Some may start you on a 60/40 split and in this case you will receive 60% of the gross commissions earned.

At Keller Williams all associates start on a 70/30 commission split meaning that you get 70% of the gross commissions earned. HOWEVER, things are rarely as they at first appear and Keller Williams is no different. The competition will point out that YES you receive 70% of the commissino BUT you have expenses to pay. This is true and it is also true for the competition. But what the competition fails to point out is that once the associate reaches the pre-determined Market Center Cap, the commission split increases to 100%.

In order to make a TRUE comparision between various commission programs, you MUST look at the BIG PICTURE, not just HOW YOU START.

What is a Royalty Fee?

If you affiliate with a nationally known real estate company such as Keller Williams, Prudential, Coldwell Banker, etc, there is usually a franchise fee, broker service fee or royalty fee involved. This fee is typically 5% to as much as 8% but is typically 6%. The Keller Williams fee is 6%. This fee pays for the cost of franchising the concept of your company. This fee is usually paid by the associate and is deducted before the commission split is applied. In some cases the Broker pays this fee but when you consider the entire commission structure, it is the associate that pays the fee regardless of how it is presented by the broker.


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