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Augusta County Bass Jons 2nd Tournament of the year Lake Moomaw is May 14, 2016 , Meet at Cragsville IGA at 5am will be lanching off at 6:30am or safe light. ACBJ Members this tournament is a bragging rights no money will be  collected at the lake .



For More infomation about our club and Pictures please click our facebook link below!


Augusta County Bass Jons is looking for New Members for the 2016 Season, Going on 12 Years


Too All Bass Angler .  

Welcome to the home of the Augusta County Bass-Jon's. This website caters to the needs of the Shenandoah Valley & Central Virginia Small- Boat & Big- Boat Bass Anglers. "Welcome all boats". The areas affected are in Augusta, Highland, Albemarle, Nelson County, Amherst County, as well as the rest of the counties in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia.  There is a wealth of Bass Fishing knowledge within our local fishing community, where we are openly willing to share that knowledge with other anglers, as well as listen to any information given - provided that it’s legitimate and of good taste.  This website supports Augusta County Bass-Jon’s and its club members, the "Shenandoah Valley Bass Fishing Resource” website, and the local fishing community.  It is the intention of Augusta County Bass-Jon’s to act as a source of information for all Virginians fishing the local area waters.  Our website is designed to keep you knowledgeable and informed of local events and fishing tips .


Our annual dues are $30.00 with Tournament costs of $20.00 Per boat, 20% going back the club


 No more than 2 people Per boat. 

We have a full tournament schedule of 8 Tournaments

Club Events, We have two chicken BBQ Fundraiser & Kids fishing Derby & Augusta County Fishing Expo.

Augusta County Bass-Jon’s is designed from the ground up to be more about fun and learning, so that we can all be better bass anglers.  We are looking for both Boaters and Non-boaters.  Everyone is welcome: male, female, husband and wife teams, and adult and child teams -- everybody's welcome!  

Our club is about fishing and fun, getting together with fellow anglers for a pleasant day on the water and a bit of friendly competition.   If you’re interested please contact me, Doug Fitzgerald, via e-mail at: for further informatio

Please click these buttons for all your forms you need to join us on the water & Rules & By Laws information.


Augusta County Bass-Jon’s will make every effort to keep this site as current as possible.  If anyone wishes to write an article or has information, he/she wishes to share for the Augusta County Bass-Jon’s website, please send it to the above e-mail. Our goal is to have fun, fish, and "SHARE the KNOWLEDGE

           Catch and Release! Come Join Us! Fishing Is Life!!

         Web Site Established 8 Feb 04
     Web Master: Doug Fitzgerald

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